The perfect smile.


Tom has got through his first term making lots of friends and appears to be very popular which has made me reflect on how he started and how small things can make a big difference to the confidence of a child.

Unfortunately there are experiences in Tom’s life which mean his teeth are corroded and discoloured (I won’t go into details but I’m sure most of you can make an educated guess why they are like this).

This hadn’t been an issue for him and to be honest it wasn’t something we thought much about other than 3 monthly dentist visits. However towards the end of term at nursery the other kids started talking about his teeth saying they were dirty, he started to get really self conscious about them and didn’t want to show them to people, he wouldn’t smile in photos.

As kids get older they do start to notice things which are different a bit more and quite freely express this, not necessarily from a place of malice.

Our understanding was his teeth were as they were and there wasn’t a lot to do until they fell out. However on our last trip to the dentist they were so impressed at the general improvement of his teeth (we have quite an intensive teeth brushing routine for a 4 year old which he is great with) that they decided to put some white enamel counting on them. It looks amazing. He now has white teeth which he is proud of and started school without any worries about what the other kids say.

Obviously they are not perfect in the basic sense of the word but to him they are the best he’s ever had and to us his smile is as perfect as ever. This small act from the dentist has reduced the shame and pressure from questions that could have come when he started school and we are so greatful he took the time to listen to our concerns and put our sons interests first.

Thank you to our amazing dentist who played a small, but important, part in helping Tom in his first term of school.