The unexpected benefits of camping.


Last weekend we took the boys on their first camping trip, we are seasoned campers but this was their first trip and our first holiday (excluding grandparents’ house). 

The boys loved the tent and being outside, they loved the beach, just loved it. That is until it came to going to bed, it was noisy and unfamiliar. Both managed about 4 hours sleep a night and ended up in our king size sleeping bag with us eventually. Despite the lack of sleep both were amazing during the day.

Them being on their best behaviour was great, however this then lead to an argument with my mum as she was starting to say there was nothing wrong with Tom and we were over-reacting etc. I tried to explain he was doing well because we were putting a lot of work in and he was likely not feeling safe enough to express his emotions when camping, she didn’t get it.

After 2 nights we drove home Sunday night with the boys ready for bed, they fell asleep in the car and we put them straight to bed. The next morning was one of the best ever. Both woke up around 5 having had a better sleep, but the best thing was they were so excited to be home. James sat in his cot for an hour after he woke up playing with some toys and ‘reading’ his favourite book, he loved it. Tom came into our room smiling and excited about being home, he told us he missed it and missed being just the Four of us, he was also really happy this was his home.

Monday morning despite still being sleep deprived I felt refreshed in my mind knowing my boys feel this is their home and they want to be here, they miss it. 

Since being back from camping Tom seems more settled, he seems to be appreciating us and our home / things. We have had a few episodes of violence but he has ‘come down’ within 30 mins which is such a change (previously it was 90 mins+ ).

I know we still have a long way to go but it was lovely having a bit of respite and seeing a change in the boys’ attitudes to home.