DDP part 5 & 6. Using the ASF.

Continuing our roundup of how we are using the adoption support fund (ASF) here is how we got on in our latest sessions. I have combined talking about these last 2 as they are not that exciting as session 5 was the last with Dr S and session 6 the first with Dr E. If you want to read about our earlier sessions they are here:

DDP part 1. 

DDP part 2. 

DDP part 3&4.

Our fifth session was our last with the current psychologist (Dr S) in the current venue. Knowing this made for a strange session, it was more of a review of what we’ve been doing so far with our current psychologist and a chance to meet the new one (they work for the same company so can share notes etc. which makes things easier!).

It was helpful to review how far we’ve all come since the boys moved in and remind ourselves of the importance of some us time and to use the mindfulness tips we were given. Now to be honest I don’t think we came out of this session with anything new except a desire to finally get round to some face to face input with Tom.

Our sixth session was again just us but with the new psychologist (Dr E) and 30 minutes from our house, the difference this made was obvious from when we first sat down, we didn’t bring with us all the baggage from a 90 minute journey with 2 small children and lots of road works. 

Again this was not a ground breaking session and did not offer us anything new, however it was a useful summary of where we were and where we are now, listening to our story of progress and filling someone in on everything from the beginning was quite emotional.

Now this is a very boring blog post but I didn’t want to have a gap in our reporting of the input we’re receiving, also they did help us with a time of reflection.

The outcome of the last 2 sessions has really been a time of reflection and of hope that we have changed, the boys have changed and we’re all still here in one piece.

Just to give an update on where Tom is:

He screams but only for a max of 20 minutes.

He will hit out but say sorry and take notice of other people’s reactions.

He is angry about not understanding his life before us.

He has settled into school but still needs lots of regulation input once home.

He is responding well to our very predictable daily routine.

Next week the psychologist will finally meet Tom! After our initial cry for help in April someone other than our SW will finally see what he is like. We wait in anticipation.


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