I don’t love the trampoline too much mummy.


Tom (3) loves toast, his trampoline, Toy Story and Frozen, probably in that order.

Sometimes he says he loves mummy, daddy and James but a screaming meltdown usually follows as these emotions have been too much for him.

When I casually asked him if we was having fun on his trampoline yesterday he paused and said “I don’t love the trampoline too much mummy, not like I love you”. He then carried on bouncing with a smile on his face. I stood there trying to smile and trying not to cry, this was a big deal, he seemed to get loving us and loving things were different, he had clearly been giving it some thought.

That afternoon there was no screaming meltdown, there was my happy little boy who seemed more at peace, that little phrase which most people wouldn’t have considered anything was a big change for us. That evening when I put him to bed he hugged me and told me he didn’t want to go anywhere else. Another massive step – most days this week he’s told us he wants to go back to the foster carers.

I love that every day we are seeing him grow into a boy who wants to be part of a family and wants stability, he’s very different from the scared little boy who we brought home 6 months ago.


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